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Overcome your addiction.
Let go of the past.  
Restore your relationships.

Counseling for Addiction and Trauma for Individuals and Couples in Fort Worth.

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Taking the first step is the hardest. We tailor our services to you to help you maximize your healing, process your trauma and repair your relationships. We know how to help. 

Build Trust Again

Right now overcoming your addiction seems impossible. But, you can do it one day at a time. You can rebuild your and strengthen your relationships with help. 

Get Your Life Back

Imagine a day where you are free from addiction. Imagine no longer feeling bound by trauma from the past.  Imagine having healthy relationships again.  Take the first step-schedule your first session.

Are you or your relationships suffering from porn or sex addiction?

When you have a porn or sex addiction you may feel disconnected from the world around you.
And, you begin to prioritize feeding your addiction over your important relationships. This leads
to conflict and heartache. But here’s the thing, your loved ones and your relationships deserve
better. You deserve better.

If your relationship has been affected by porn, an affair, or sex addiction, there is hope for
healing. We offer counseling for porn addiction, sex addiction, infidelity, and more.

With compassionate and non-judgemental support from a skilled therapist, you can regain
control of your life and move forward.

Sex and Porn Are A Real Problem

Let’s face it, sex and pornography are everywhere. Therefore, having an addiction to sex or porn is much more common than you may think. In fact, 93% of boys under the age of 18 report watching porn. And, more than 56% of divorcees cite “obsessive interest in pornographic websites” as being the reason why their marriage failed.

These statistics may be startling, but they illustrate the magnitude of this problem. Here’s the good news, porn and sex addictions are treatable. There is a way out. You can live a happy life without porn and sex addictions controlling you. Let a skilled therapist help you recover find freedom from your porn or sex addiction
Boys see porn before they turn 18
Believe that porn hurts relationships
Divorces cite "obsessive interest" in porn
Americans seek out porn each month

Don't live life stuck doing things you don't wanna do.

Chris is a licensed counselor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and is ready to be your guide. 

We understand this battle. We care about you and your life.

It can be very uncomfortable to talk to a therapist about your porn or sex addiction. Perhaps you feel alone like no one will understand your struggles. Or maybe you’re worried about being judged. It’s hard to be vulnerable and talk about the painful parts of your life. Some counselors can’t relate to your actual problem, but I can.

At Anew Counseling, you do not have to be afraid to ask for help. As a professional therapist, I have helped many individuals and couples work through the pain they feel so they can find a new way forward and embrace a life free from the constraints of addiction.

I will not judge you for your struggles. Instead, I will treat you with respect and compassion. Here you will be seen as a person who has the potential to recover from their porn or sex addiction and live a full life being the person you’re truly meant to be. 

Ready to get your life back? It starts with a 15-minute call

It takes so much courage to reach out for help. I want to make that easier. Here are the steps you will need to take to begin counseling in Dallas-Fort Worth:

Step 1: 15 Minute Call

You can find healing from addiction and trauma, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Step 2: First Session

After the consult with our intake coordinator, I invite you to schedule your first appointment when you’re ready.

Step 3: Get Free

I know that it may feel unattainable now, but I assure you it’s not. Counseling can help you find lasting healing.

Here's what people are saying...

  • Anew counseling is the best thing you can do for yourself if you are struggling with addiction. Chris is an excellent professional who genuinely cares about people.
  • If you are struggling with selfish sexual behavior then I would recommend getting help from someone who knows what you are going through, someone who truly cares, and someone who can lead out of the never-ending cycle that you are facing. That person is available at ANEW and I would encourage you to take that next step in your recovery from selfish sexual behavior.
  • If you are looking for a place to get help from addiction or just help with life in general and also encouragement, then Chris at Anew Counseling is the place to go. I have sat and talked with Chris many times and left feeling very encouraged and he has given me applicable information to help me navigate through things in my life.

How Has Your Life Been Affected So Far By Sex and Porn Addiction?


56% of divorces said that "obsessive interest" in porn was a cause.

Job Loss

Fired because of your internet behavior or missing work to act out?


Are you missing the important stuff in life because you don't want to engage.

Can't Stop

Find yourself wishing you could stop this behavior but just cannot do it?

Wasting Time

Spending too much time using porn or acting out when you should be doing other things?

Losing Money

Are you hiding money and then spending it at the club or with prostitutes?

Guilt & Shame

Can't believe who you've become? Gone further than you thought you would?


Did you catch a sexually transmitted disease or think you may?

Affair Recovery

The cycle of infidelity repeatedly affects your relationship.


The things that you have gone through make it difficult to trust anyone around you. Your partner and your relationship are haunted by your past.

Betrayal Trauma

Being betrayed in the past has left you scarred and unable to move on from the incident.

The Caring Team at ANEW is Ready to Help

Your Counselor & Guide

Chris McMullen

Chris wants to provide practical tools that move an individual and couples towards change and
destigmatizing the help that counseling provides.

Chris is a skilled and compassionate therapist who wants to destigmatize getting mental health
support. He aims to provide practical tools to help individuals and couples heal from the past so
they can move towards healthy change.

What is most important about Chris is that he is able to provide you with non-judgemental
support because he has walked this road before you. Chris loves helping men find freedom from
their addictions and helping their partners heal from the betrayal that their partner’s sex and porn addiction can cause. He has helped countless individuals and couples move past their
addictions so they can live fulfilling lives, and he can help you do the same.

Chris graduated from Texas Tech University with Bachelor’s in Psychology and from
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.
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