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Dating app | sex addiction recovery | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

It's not about Sex

The idea that sexual addiction isn’t really about sex might sound a bit strange. However, this struggle often relates to unmet emotional needs, rather than physical ones.  This process starts when we’re very young. As children, we all need a secure emotional attachment with one or more primary caregivers. This is particularly important in our […]

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Man on cellphone | Sex Addiction Recovery | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Sex Addiction and Mental Health

Many people with porn or sex addiction deal with shame about their condition. This can make it difficult to explain it to partners, friends, or even admit a problem to yourself. It can deeply affect one's mental health. It can be even more intimidating to seek professional help for sexual compulsions. This is due to the […]

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Partners of Porn Addicts

It’s not uncommon for a couple to discover that one of them has a porn addiction. The reactions to this vary. Some partners blame themselves, feeling they’re not attractive or supportive enough of the one with the addiction. Others initially don’t care at all, and see porn as a healthy distraction, or just “something guys […]

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Phone | Porn Addiction Recovery | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Is Porn a Bad Thing?

Is using porn a natural behavior, a sin, or a mental health risk? Of course, the answer to that depends on who you ask. There’s an ongoing debate including advocates who defend pornography as a healthy form of sexual expression and experimentation. Others warn of the dangers, sometimes on moral grounds.  Pornography is generally used […]

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Solitude | Sex Addiction | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Sex for One

In the 1970s, researchers discovered a surprise when it came to addiction. In famous studies, now called the “rat park” studies, experts observed how addicted rats responded within isolated versus community settings. The findings were groundbreaking. Experts found that addiction may have as much to do with overall setting and life satisfaction as it does […]

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Cybersex Addiction

Sexual exploring online can be fun, exciting, and feel like a safer form of sex. However, for those who become addicted it can still overtake their lives. Here’s a look at what cybersex is, when it becomes cybersex addiction, and how you can find help. What is Cybersex Addiction? First, let’s review the behavior itself. […]

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Brain | EMDR | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

EMDR and Addiction

EMDR has gained popularity in recent years. That’s for good reason. This therapy allows those who’ve suffered trauma to work through past events relatively quickly. EMDR commonly helps people who suffer from addiction, including sex addiction. Here’s a look at what EMDR is, why it’s used to treat those with sex addiction, and how it […]

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Wine | Drug & Sex Addiction | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol Addiction

It’s not surprising that sex and porn addiction often occur alongside alcohol or drug abuse. After all, many addictions come from the same root cause. And, alcohol and substances can lower inhibitions that may otherwise slow down sexual acting out. There are many connections between sex, porn, substance, and alcohol abuse. These activities may present […]

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Distraught Adult | Depression and Addiction | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Sex Addiction and Depression

Between 80% to 100% of people with sexually compulsive behavior also have had a mental health diagnosis. That’s a significant correlation, suggesting that mental health and sex addiction have a close relationship. Most often, those with sex addiction experience anxiety or mood disorders, such as depression. Major depression is one of the most common disorders […]

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Child playing outside | Trauma and Sex Addiction | 76107

Childhood Trauma and Sex Addiction

Many see the logical connection between childhood sexual abuse and later sex addiction as an adult. However, studies have shown that any type of childhood maltreatment increases the chance of risky sexual behavior. This might include sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse or neglect as a child. Often children get basic needs such as […]

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