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Child playing outside | Trauma and Sex Addiction | 76107

Childhood Trauma and Sex Addiction

Many see the logical connection between childhood sexual abuse and later sex addiction as an adult. However, studies have shown that any type of childhood maltreatment increases the chance of risky sexual behavior. This might include sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse or neglect as a child. Often children get basic needs such as […]

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Couple kissing | Healthy Sexuality | Fort Worth, Ft Worth, 76017

Sex Addiction Versus Healthy Sexuality

With so many confusing messages from society, it’s no wonder that many people don’t know what healthy sexuality looks like. When you’re recovering from sex addiction, this can be a roadmap to get back to a fulfilling life. Here’s a look at several areas to consider when deciding what’s healthy for you. Sexuality is a […]

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Fun Things to do in Ft Worth | Self Care for Recovery | 76107

5 Fun Things to do in Recovery

When you’ve struggled with sex or porn addiction, it can be difficult to find joy in other areas of life. However, many people in recovery have transitioned to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Here are some fun and safe things to try in Fort Worth during your recovery. (Keep in mind that restrictions and guidelines surrounding […]

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Person unfriending people on social media | Boundaries in Recovery | 76107

Boundaries for Sex and Porn Addiction

If you’ve struggled with behaviors of sex addiction, you may have questions about boundaries. Is it okay to talk to people I’m attracted to? Am I allowed to go online? Are bars and dating out of the question? Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine your boundaries. Some behaviors may be just fine, while others […]

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The Atlanta Shooting and Sex Addiction

The tragedy of the recent Atlanta shootings is still impacting much of America. When such acts of violence occur, one of the first questions many ask is, “Why?” The motive at this point is unclear. Investigators may still be considering labeling the act of violence as a hate crime, since most of the victims were […]

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Man practicing relaxing | Coping Skills for Addiction | Fort Worth, TX

Five Healthy Ways to Cope Without Porn and Sex

Healthy coping skills can help you learn positive ways to deal with sex addiction. The causes of sex and porn addiction are complicated. There are a variety of influences possibly including childhood trauma, biology, and genetic causes. Others believe behaviors often start in adolescence, when teens learn that sexual behaviors can help relieve stress. Regardless […]

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Mistrusting others | Relationships and Sex Addiction | Fort Worth, TX

Connection and Sex Addiction

Sex addiction obviously seems to be about sex. However, it also relates to an underlying emotional struggle to establish connections with others. This involves difficulties with feeling close, trusting, and safe in relationships. This ability to bond and connect with others is referred to attachment, or attachment style. Modern pop psychology often suggests that there […]

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Feelings of Shame | Addiction Counseling | Fort Worth, TX

Shame and Sexual Addiction

Shame can be a triple whammy when it comes to sex addiction. It can contribute to developing sexual addiction, can prevent people from seeking support, and it can be difficult to face in recovery. Understanding where this shame comes from, and that you don’t have to feel this way forever, may be the key to […]

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Person feeling overwhelmed by addiction | Addiction Counseling | Ft Worth, TX

Can I Recover from Sex Addiction?

Suffering from any addiction can feel overwhelming. Many people describe an addiction as something that felt good at first, and that was still within their control. Sex addiction is even more difficult to control due the pleasure that one experience while acting out. However, over time, it became something that controlled them. In recent years, […]

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Addiction hurting a relationship | Trauma Counseling | Ft Worth

Sign and Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

Suffering an affair is devastating. Learn the signs of betrayal trauma, and how you can begin to heal. Victims of affair betrayal might feel ashamed, hurt, or devastated. It can seem like a worst fear coming true. If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. For some, it helps to understand how a partner’s affair commonly […]

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