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You’ve gone through hard times

Bad things have happened in your past. These left you feeling overwhelmed and traumatized.Perhaps, you’ve been plagued by guilt, shame, and unwanted memories. You frequently findyourself looking over your shoulder for danger and this leaves you feeling like you’re wound tight. It even makes it hard to sleep and perhaps causes you physical pain.

When trauma has occurred, it can leave you feeling as if you’re stuck in the pain of your past. This makes it almost impossible to focus on anything else, even the things that used to bring you joy. You’re longing to move forward with your life. But, it’s extremely hard for you to talk to others about the things you’ve been through, even to your family and friends. You know you need help, but you’re not sure where to turn. 

Perhaps, you’ve experienced sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, a codependent relationship, or traumatic grief and loss. The pain of what happened feels so raw, as if it just happened yesterday. You’re not sure how to move forward and find joy again. 

Here’s the good news, getting help from a skilled trauma therapist can help you move forward and find peace from the past. Let me tell you how.

Worried You Might Have Signs of PTSD?

If you’re reading this page on my website, you may suspect you’re dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Or maybe you just want to know how to overcome the pain of your past.

 Before I list the symptoms, please know that you do NOT need to have PTSD to benefit from trauma therapy. However, it is helpful for you to understand some common symptoms of PTSD.
Common reactions to trauma include:
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Trouble getting to sleep or wake up from nightmares.

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Feelings of guilt, shame or numbness

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Feeling easily irritated or upset

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Unwanted & distressing, memories of your trauma

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Avoiding situations, people or things so you aren't triggered

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Feeling jittery or "on edge."

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Happy family showing how EMDR therapy can help you overcome trauma so you can fully engage in life and enjoy your family more

EMDR as PTSD Treatment Can Improve Your Life

It may seem like it's impossible to feel better. Maybe you think it’s safer to cope by finding
something to numb your feelings. But, doing this can only make you feel better for a little while.
It’s not a lasting solution to help you overcome the challenging things that have happened In
your life.

Trauma therapy, on the other hand, can help you feel better and help you make positive
changes in your life. Through EMDR, I can provide you the support you need to live a life that
truly makes you happy. I know you may feel lost right now, but I can help you find relief.
 Trauma Therapy & PTSD Treatment can help you:
*Get through the day without feeling on edge or  being triggered
*Feel safe in your own body again
*Learn to trust again

It’s not easy to make it through the tough time you’re having right now, but it is certainly
possible. I can use my experience as a trauma therapist to help you feel safe again.
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Could My Addiction & Trauma History be Related?

Maybe you struggle both with symptoms of PTSD and addiction. You're not alone. It is common
that people who have experienced something terrible to cope by finding something to numb
their pain. Maybe you turned to alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, or even shopping. At first, it helped
you avoid thinking about what happened. But, the memories crept in and the PTSD symptoms
got worse. Your terrible memories are still just under the surface causing you pain but now
you’re now struggling with addiction as well.

To find relief from your addiction, you may need more than just addiction treatment. You may
need trauma treatment as well. The good news is that at Anew Counseling, I offer both trauma
therapy AND specialized addiction services. It may feel like the hole you're in is too deep. But it
IS possible to find healing and regain control of your life

Your Trauma Therapist & Guide

Chris McMullen

Chris graduated from Texas Tech University with Bachelor’s in Psychology and from
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Chris is a skilled trauma therapist, but what is more important about Chris is that he truly
understands trauma. He is trained in EMDR and knows it's hard to be the best version of
yourself when you're suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Chris enjoys helping people heal from
their past so they can move forward in their relationships and fully engage in life.

Chris truly cares about the well-being of his clients and offers non-judgemental support to help
individuals and couples through the hardest times in their life.
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The ANEW Counseling Approach to Trauma Therapy

You wonder if life will ever feel like your old self again. You've tried for so long to avoid facing the bad things that happened, but they keep resurfacing. They’re always there no matter what you do to try to avoid the pain.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

At Anew Counseling, I want to help you take back control of your life. I use Eye Movement
Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, or EMDR, to help you overcome your past. EMDR is a little bit different from traditional talk therapy. You won't just come in and talk about your day. Instead, we'll work through your memories and look at how they're connected to other parts of your life. We'll use something called "bilateral stimulation" to make processing the memory a little easier and certainly more effective than if we just talked about what happened. EMDR is considered to be one of the best types of trauma treatment, and I personally have seen great success in my counseling practice.

What do you have to lose if you participate in EMDR?

Untreated PTSD symptoms often get worse. On the surface, it seems easier to keep avoiding the trauma. But, if you don't address the trauma you may experience depression, difficulty at work, problems with friendships or relationships, and loneliness.

You deserve more. I'm here to help. The truth is that facing your trauma might feel
uncomfortable at first. However, therapy does work. It can get you through the pain faster and easier than if you continue to avoid your feelings.

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Get powerful tools to help you cope with the trauma you experienced so you can freely move forward and embrace your future.
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There is hope... listen to these clients

  • Anew counseling is the best thing you can do for yourself if you are struggling with addiction. Chris is an excellent professional who genuinely cares about people.

    BEN B.

  • If you are struggling with selfish sexual behavior then I would recommend getting help from someone who knows what you are going through, someone who truly cares, and someone who can lead out of the never-ending cycle that you are facing. That person is available at ANEW and I would encourage you to take that next step in your recovery from selfish sexual behavior.

    TONY A.

  • If you are looking for a place to get help from addiction or just help with life in general and also encouragement, then Chris at Anew Counseling is the place to go. I have sat and talked with Chris many times and left feeling very encouraged and he has given me applicable information to help me navigate through things in my life.

    CRAIG B.


If this describes you... please schedule a free 15 min call

There is hope. Please reach out.
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Other Mental Health Services at Anew Counseling in Fort Worth, TX

I believe that everyone desires and deserves true connection and healing.  As a therapist, I specialize in helping individuals and couples recover when porn, sex addictions, and general problematic sexual behaviors have caused pain.  I offer supportive counseling services to help, whether the behavior is currently an issue, has recently been discovered, or happened many years ago.

At my Fort Worth, TX counseling clinic, I offer counseling services for individuals struggling with a variety of issues. In addition to traditional PTSD treatment and trauma therapy, I offer specialized help for sex and porn addiction and counseling for spouses/partners who were cheated on.  Additionally, I offer couples counseling and affair recovery to help committed couples make a marriage or relationship work even after problematic sexual behaviors have occurred.  I’m here to support you on your journey to freedom and healing.


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